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Ultra-high-speed UV printing technology came out---Xenons GUV

Since the popularity of UV printing technology, it has been able to print without photo limitation and has the advantage of both. It brings a lot of convenience to digital printing and more application industry development; especially in UV printing. The effect can print out the 3D embossed three-dimensional pattern to achieve the naked eye 3D special effect, making UV printing more popular in related industries.

UV printers have always brought huge profits to various industries.
But its shortcomings are becoming more and more obvious:
1, the overall price of UV printers is expensive (especially for the first time investors), the price of UV consumables is high
2, printing speed is too slow, especially complex special effects printing, slower speed
3, UV printing in the advertising industry's picture quality, not as good as piezoelectric photo machine and inkjet printer
The price is too expensive, increase the cost and reduce the profit;
Printing speed is too slow, limiting production capacity and further reducing profit;
Reynolds perfectly solves the printing problems of the above three UV printing in the advertising industry!

As a veteran enterprise in the UV printer industry, the Reynolds R&D team
has conducted in-depth research on the speed and cost control of UV printing after many years of intensive research. It has repeatedly proposed the concept of high-speed and high-precision UV printing, and GUV technology came into being. !


As the industry's first breakthrough in the UV printing speed bottleneck technology, GUV truly achieves the perfect combination of speed and precision.

Faster printing speeds can be achieved with fewer industrial heads, making UV printing speeds comparable to high-speed photo printers, and the picture quality is even brighter and brighter than the photo machine; further reducing the cost of consumables while increasing profit margins.

With a new generation of UV printing technology;Reynolds recommends two UV roll-to-roll printers
3.2 meter printing wide width rubber roller UV roll to roll

Can be equipped with 12 Ricoh industrial heads with a top speed of 130m2/h
High precision with high productivity, UV factory must-have models

1.88 meters narrow UV roll to roll

Can be equipped with 4 Ricoh or Toshiba industrial print heads.
Faster printing with GUV high-speed printing technology

GUV high-speed UV printing technology can almost perfectly solve the defects of UV printers in advertising printers, and obtain ultra-high-speed, high-precision UV printing solutions at ultra-low prices. Further increase in production capacity and higher profits can be said to be the best cost performance in the UV industry at this stage, which is bound to lead the UV printing industry into a revolutionary development stage.

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