Exhibition Review | KTPIE Successfully Ends, Observing the Production Capacity Breakthrough and Intelligent Mature Application of Xiangcai Coltex in t

On April 13, 2023, the 2023 International Textile Printing Industry Exhibition successfully concluded at the Shaoxing New International Expo Center. Wuhan Yili Technology, along with five high-performance digital printing equipment and diversified fabric printing solutions from Coltex Xiangcai, appeared at the exhibition site

In addition to the mature Kirin series of ultra high speed heat transfer printing machines, there are also XT40-48 head S3200-A3 direct spray printing machines and diversified special fabric direct spray printing solutions that have made their debut in China this time; The strength demonstrates the charm of intelligent digital printing, perfectly presenting the fabric printing process with high industrial and aesthetic value.

High temperature dispersion printing scheme for knitted chemical fibers on site

48 printheads, digital direct to fabric printer XT40, debut in China

Experience the digital printing solution of "mini workshop, micro factory"

Looking at China from the perspective of the world's textile industry, China's textile industry is in Keqiao. During the exhibition, the exclusive high-temperature dispersion direct spray printing process made its debut on site; Fully loaded with 48 S3200-A3 high jet industrial heads, the printing speed can reach up to 1000 ㎡/h, and one device is equivalent to a "mini factory"; Based on its high production capacity and flexible fast reaction production capacity, it can easily respond to personalized orders and medium to high volume orders, meeting diverse clothing printing needs. Exciting demonstration of the entire process of flexible production of special fabrics. Efforts will be made to comprehensively upgrade the high-temperature dispersion, reactivity, coating, and acidic printing schemes for high-value fabrics.


High temperature dispersed guide band direct spray digital printing scheme

Equipment model: Snapdragon XT40
Printing fabric: knitted synthetic fiber, 1.6m * 100m
Color configuration: Double black+7 color direct spray printing
Printing speed: 625m/h


Reactive&Paint Direct Spray Printing Scheme
Equipment model: Snapdragon XT20
Printing fabric: twill fabric&mercerized cotton
Color configuration: 8-color direct spray printing

Qilin High Speed Sublimation Printing Scheme

Breakthrough in production capacity, flexible fast reaction, challenging traditional printing processes

The Xiangcai Coltex Qilin S8000 series adopts i3200/S3200 high-precision nozzles and is the first to launch a 1200 ㎡/h high-speed printing scheme, breaking through the highest production capacity of thermal transfer digital printing machines and empowering digital printing production to be more efficient, more suitable for flexible combination production of large goods and multiple orders

GeekDesign Efficient Pattern Design Tool

Digital Pattern Designer GeekDesign plugin

Based on the intelligent printing process of digital printing applications, the GeekDesign plugin of the digital pattern designer will bring customers a more convenient, rich, and convenient pattern design experience.


Yili Technology has gone through both trials and tribulations, striving tirelessly. This exhibition trip is not only the product display of Yili Textile Printing Brand Xiangcai Coltex, but also the perception of market needs and precise focus on customer needs; Every innovation and breakthrough we make is inseparable from the trust and support of new and old customers! In the future, we will continue to closely follow market demand and do our best, down-to-earth, dedicated to research and development, continuous innovation, and continuously launch products and services that can create maximum value for customers.


Enterprise Introduction
Since its establishment, Yili Technology has been committed to the application and innovation of industrial digital inkjet printing technology. With years of technical and industry development experience, it has ranked at the forefront of industrial digital inkjet printing core technology and provided reliable digital printing equipment and industry application solutions for many downstream customers.

Official website address: www.yilijet. com
National free consultation hotline: 400-027-8600

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