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720sqm/h hight speed 1.8m Direct To Fabric Printer with 12 colors

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XT40 High quality direct to fabric pigment printer
No need for sizing, steaming, soaping, styling and other processes to print directly, no waste water!
Printhead:  Epson S3200*48
Printing speed: 720㎡/h
Ink type: reactive  / acid  / Disperse  / pigmen
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High-Speed Textile Printer for direct to fabric Printing

No need for sizing, steaming, soaping, styling and other processes to print directly, no waste water,
Mainly used in textile printing of fabrics, clothing, pillows, duvet covers, curtains, sofas, scarves, carpets, hats and other products.
Fabulous output and best results in combination with special Ink. The technical synergy of XT-40 and the special ink A variety of personalized products can be customized,
such as blankets, floor mats, sportswear, yoga clothes, etc. Direct printing of exquisite patterns on various textiles

CMYK+LCLM+ORBL multiple color schemes are available
Can be directly printed on cotton, silk, linen, wool, nylon, polyester, blended fabrics and other fabrics
High-quality digital printing, without complicated processes such as sizing, steaming, soaping, setting, etc., directly spray printing on textiles, no waste water is generated
The entire production process is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, color fastness can reach 3-4 grades, good air permeability, and no hand feeling at all
No need for plate making, printing, low cost and fast, special environmentally friendly textile ink, no peculiar smell, no hair, no formaldehyde and other harmful substances to the body,
Adopt USB3.0+1.25G high-speed optical fiber two-way communication to ensure stable and high-speed data transmission
Support water-based paint, reactive dye and disperse dye ink to print out directly
The printing width is 2000mm, and the maximum monochrome ink supply is 5L
Continuous exposure function independent of RIP support

XT40 series
product model XT4032 XT4036 XT4048
XT40-SA3-32-408-08C XT40-SA3-36-409-06C XT40-SA3-48-412-12C
Print Head print head type Epson S3200 A3 high precision industrial print head
Number of print heads 32 36 48
conduction band Imported from Switzerland
Maximum print width 1800mm
printing speed
(According to the fabric
and pattern, you can
choose different schemes)
4 colors 600*1200dpi(1pass)720m/h / /
600*2400dpi(2pass)360m/h / /
6 colors / 600*900dpi(1pass)720m/h 600*1200dpi(1pass)720m/h
/ 600*1800dpi(2pass)360m/h 600*2400dpi(2pass)360m/h
8 colors 600*1200dpi(2pass)360m/h / /
600*1800dpi(3pass)240m/h / /
12 colors / / 600*2400dpi(2pass)360m/h
/ / 600*1800dpi(3pass)240m/h
ink ink type reactive ink / acid ink / Disperse ink / pigment ink
ink color C, M, Y, K, O, R, B, G, optional LM, LC, LK
print media Cotton, linen, silk, nylon, wool, chemical fiber (TR/TC Nylon and various acid fabrics)
and various new fiber woven and knitted fabrics
operating system Windows10
software Industry-leading YIPS, built-in MES/ERP production management system
and RIP software TexPrint, Geek Design rapid design
image type File format TIFF / JPG/EPS/PDF, color mode RGB / CMYK
Data transfer Gigabit optical fiber/USB3.0
Function configuration feed system Automatic constant tension feeding / knitting (elastic) fabric feeding system /
moving pressure roller (optional) heating roller / cloth take-up
and adjustable tension filament feeding system
print head height adjustment 2~30mm adjustable
fabric drying Optional independent drying system
Ink supply system Industrial-grade negative pressure degassing ink supply,
printing head ink internal circulation function
Smart cleaning Automatic cleaning and automatic moisturizing
Conduction belt correction optional
Washing system Double brush (cleaning roller) / multi-cleaning roller/multi-scraper
/ intelligent spray / air knife optional/multiple drying
working environment power supply 380VAC±5%, three-phase five-wire/220VC, 50/60HZ
power Printing system: 6KW, heating system 11-63KW optional
cylinder pressure 5~7Mpa manual adjustment
temperature and humidity Ambient room temperature: recommended 25-30°C,
ambient humidity: recommended 60-80%
Dimensions and weight Product Size 5000*3250*1850mm(LWH)
Package Size 5300*3500*2100mm(LWH)
product weight 5000kg
Package weight 5200kg
*Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
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